7 Reasons People Love Living In The Mini-Cassia Area

The Mini-Cassia area has become a favorite destination and a place to live for many people. The area has numerous exciting things to see and places to visit. Also, it has many exciting events throughout the year. Most of the activities here are for outdoor recreation and are mainly focused on the whole family. All these have made the area a very beautiful place to live and work in.

  1. Acquiring Properties

You can find many desirable properties and real estate in Mini-Cassia and the citieswhich make up Mini-Cassia, such as Burley, Heyburn, Paul, Declo, Oakley as well as Albion all offer unique advantages.Burley real estate agents have earned the realtor title for helping people in buying and selling of properties. Any good Burley realtor is always committed to their job. They are known for maintaining high ethical practices. A Burley realtor has high levels of training and can be of great help. The same can also be said for any Rupert realtor agent.

  1. Great Scenic Parks

The city of Paul in Mini-Cassia has beautiful splash parks for children. Heyburn Riverfront Trail boasts of 2 ½ miles of paved, curving, landscaped trails. All these are located along the Snake River and are very popular with residents and visitors.

 On its part, Burley Storybook Park also has a vast playground. Children spend hours here having a blast. There are large shade trees and picnic tables.

There is also the Lake Walcott State Park located East of Rupert. Boating ramps and docks characterize the park. It also boasts of a disc golf course. Here you can engage in activities such as fishing, hiking, mountain biking as well as birding.

  1. The Pomerelle Ski Resort

Twelve miles south of Albion is the Pomerelle Ski Resort. The snowboarders’ paradise is found right in the Sawtooth National Forest.

It is characterized by 24 expertly groomed runs and two terrain parks.  Besides, you will also find one double and one triple chair. For the beginners, there is the 450′ Magic Carpet lift. The beautiful resort is very convenient for chairlift rides, mountain biking, and hiking, especially when the snore melts. It is also the right place for disc golf and horseshoes.

  1. The Beautiful Skate Parks

The Mini-Cassia area also has two skate parks.

The first one is the Burley skate park that is located at Main St. and Normal Ave. The Burley skate park is a 9200 square-foot cement playground. It has several features that include rails, ramps, and pyramids. It also has a manual pad mainly used by extreme sports athletes.

The second is the Rupert skate park. It is an incredible skate park located at 710 11th St.Various rails and a pyramid characterizes the park. Skateboarders and scooters mostly use it.

  1. The Scenic Snake River

The Snake River is a unique feature in the Mini-Cassia area. The river lies between two dams. The river is 33 miles long and covers around 600 yards wide. It is popular with many people as a summer recreational playground.

  1. Mountain Biking Opportunites

There are many mountain biking locations in the Mini-Cassia area. Bike enthusiasts can have as much fun as they would. The biking locations range from the amazing Sawtooth Mountains to the rolling desert plains.

  1. Plenty of Fishing Opportunities

There are a plethora of fishing opportunities in Minidoka County and Cassia County. There are plenty of high mountain lakes and streams. You can engage in trout fishing or even smallmouth bass fishing.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why people choose to live in Mini-Cassia. There is so much to see, and it is also very easy to buy a property in this area.